Cuts & Styling Pricing

All prices inclusive of tax!


  • Womens Cut $55

    The best wash,cut and style.... Ever!

  • Dry Cut $35

    All of the goodness none of the wash

  • Grown up lady $35

    Cause senior is a yucky word

  • Blow Out $35

    I don't want to do my own hair...

  • Updo $75

    Make it real pretty please..

  • Bridal Updo $150

    Brides and Bridesmaids pay the same price... Just cause your wearing the dress doesn't mean you have to pay extra

  • Hot Tool Finishing $19

    Pin straight hair, head full of curls? Add this extra finishing step to ramp up your cut or colour.

  • Bang Trims 5.00

    Please... Please... Please... Don't do them yourself... Its only $5.00

*Guests with long or excessively thick hair incur a premium of $15.00. This will be discussed during your consultation*


  • Mens Cut $30

    Its a cut, its a hot towel, its great...

  • Buzz Cut $18

    Make me look like GI Joe!

  • Line Up/Clean Up $14

    Neck, around the ears and I'm out of here...

  • Grey Cover Wash $35

    Add a little pepper to your salt!

  • BBA Signature Shave $50

    The ultimate shave... Presented by Pin Ups

  • Beard Clean Up $16

    Quick, I need it tidied up... Just perimeter shaping and a general tidy up.

  • Hot Shave $32

    The classic hot towel shave

  • Full Beard Service $30

    Ok, Lets get the full meal deal...

  • Head Shave $34

    All of it, off the top!!!

  • Combos of Cuts, Shaves and Beard Trims $40+

    There are so many combos available, let us tailor your cut and shave to suit you.

Young Pinups & Pompadours

  • Lil' Pin Ups $22

    For the Little Ladies 12 n' under

  • Junior Pin Ups $28

    For our Younger Ladies 13-16

  • Lil' Pompadour $19

    For the Little Gentleman 12 n' under

  • Junior Pompadour $21

    Not big league just yet..13-16 yrs

Our Little cuts now include a wash. So no more extra service required.